Fort Lauderdale Commercial Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fans are almost always a very attractive addition to any place of business in the Fort Lauderdale area. On esthetics alone, they have been known to add value to commercial properties, but their usefulness is more than skin deep. There are a whole bunch of benefits new ceiling fans could bring to your Fort Lauderdale business, but the key is to get it installed by one of 305 Power Corp’s trained professionals.

Any time wires and electricity are involved, it’s a bad idea to take matters into your own hands. Doing so means you are increasing the probability of a disaster derailing your normal operations. This could be in the form of an electrical fire or shocks. Either way, it doesn’t make sense to put your business in harm’s way just to save the couple of extra bucks by handling the ceiling fan installation yourself. Especially when 305 Power Corp’s commercial electricians are ready to provide professional, licensed and insured installations at an incredibly affordable rate.

305 Power Corp’s electricians have successfully installed commercial ceiling fans all over the Fort Lauderdale area for a variety of different businesses. No matter the size or style, we can guarantee that your commercial ceiling fan will be quickly and safely installed, maximizing your business’s functionality.

For a free estimate on our commercial ceiling fan installations, get in touch with 305 Power Corp today and a member of our amazing team will happy to deal with you.

What Commercial Ceiling Fans Can Do for Your Business

The first and most obvious benefit commercial ceiling fans can add to your business lies in the esthetics. If you run an office, restaurant or salon, the ceiling fans you choose to install can add some additional flair to make your place of business even more inviting. However, there’s another, less obvious reason for why you should consider adding ceiling fans.

Whether it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold, it is essential that your place of business is adequately heated or cooled to maintain employee productivity and to make sure that your customers have a positive experience. Of course, doing so can be costly. If you find that you are spending too much on heating and cooling every month, then you might be delighted to learn that ceiling fans can do a lot to reduce these operational costs.

When the summer heat is at its peak, you can take some of the strain off your commercial air conditioner by letting your ceiling fans circulate the conditioned air around the building, keeping it cooler for less money. As for when the temperature starts to drop, the hot air generated by your heater tends to collect at the ceiling. A ceiling fan can push the hot air back down where employees and clients are. Again, this takes the need to use more energy to produce more heat away.

So, if you want to drive down your operational costs, getting commercial ceiling fans installed is worth a shot.

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